Toni & Guy Men Texturising Fibre Review
Maintains TextureNon-Greasy
Musty ScentLoses Definition Over Time
3.5Overall Score
Price: £7.59 from Boots
Key Ingredients: Beeswax, Steareth-21, Glyceryl
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With more than 485 salons across 48 countries, Toni & Guy is one of the UK’s most successful hairdressers. We test out their Texturising Fibre to see how it fared on short- to mid-cut hair styles.

If you’re looking for a hair product to give your short- to mid-cut texture and some loose definition, Toni & Guy’s Texturising Fibre could be for you. Though it won’t give your hair a firm hold, it does offer volume and movement on lightweight hair, as well as a perfect matte finish for a more relaxed look.

The initial feel is pleasant and non-greasy, though we’re not too keen on the scent which is a little musty. Once the product is loosened between palms, we found unlike some hair styling products you can really work it through and not just use it on the tips.

For the best results, we found it worked better on dry hair – texture suffered when used on damp hair. Definition does also suffer throughout the day and you may need a top up.