Toni & Guy Men Mattifying Putty Review
Volumises Long-Cut HairLong-Lasting
Very Sticky on Initial UseLess Effective on Mid-Length Hair
2.9Overall Score
Price: £8.25 from Waitrose
Key Ingredients: Steareth-21, Castor Oil, Glycerin
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With more than 485 salons across 48 countries, Toni & Guy is one of the UK’s most successful hairdressers. But how do their hair styling products hold up? We tested out their Mattifying Putty to see how it fared on mid- to long-cut hair styles.

The first thing you’ll notice when using Toni & Guy’s Mattifying Putty is that the initial feel of the product is extremely gooey for a hair styling product. This does mean that working it through your palms and hair can be tricky, often leaving large areas either uncovered or with too much product resulting in ‘wet patches’.

That said, initial ‘wet patches’ do quickly subside and you the Mattifying Putty does achieve a volumising effect with a perfect matte finish – especially on longer hair. It does mean, however, that giving your hair some crafted definition is difficult – particularly on mid-length cuts.

We’d describe the hold as ‘flexible’, which is by no means a criticism. If you have a longer haircut, chances are you’re only looking for rough definition anyway. Results are long lasting and the scent of the product is certainly an improvement on Toni & Guy’s musty Texturising Fibre.