men-ü Matt Moisturiser Review
Effective Against Oily SkinHydrates Instantly
Not the CheapestNo Fragrance
3.7Overall Score
Long Lasting Effects
Price: £14.95 from men-ü
Key Ingredients: Glycerin, Dimethicone
Reader Rating 15 Votes

Having been founded in 2001, men-ü is considered by many today to be one of the top professional, men’s grooming brands around. We tested out their oil- and fragrance-free Matt Moisturiser to see how it performed against other mid-range products on the market. Here’s how it fared…

men-ü’s Matt Moisturiser is a daily-use, oil- and fragrance-free moisturiser which is billed as being effective against greasy skin. On initial use, you’ll first notice how lightweight the product feels. Its consistency is wet but thanks to men-ü’s famed ‘ultra concentrate’, a little goes a long way – much longer than you’d expect. The brand claims it can deliver ‘up to 120 uses’, and having used it for a couple of weeks, we’d say that’s probably about right.

Incredibly hydrating, the moisturiser’s sebum absorbers work overtime and your skin is instantly left feeling refreshed and smooth, without leaving your skin looking shiny like most other fast-absorbing products on the market. As the name suggests, your skin is left with a pleasant matt finish.

We should also mention that the Matt Moisturiser includes Vitamin E which also helps tackle the free radicals that age your skin by attacking the collagen and reducing elasticity. Obviously, however, this aspect is impossible to judge over a short period of time. That said, our naturally oily skin did seem to become a little drier the more we used the product.

Overall, we’d say the men-ü Matt Moisturiser is a good option for those after a daily moisturiser for oily skin. As it’s fragrance-free, the smell is a little cosmetic and it’s also not the cheapest around. But thanks to the ‘ultra concentrate’ element, it’s still good value and we can easily forgive the scent.