Hair Thickening Tonic Review
Gives Limp Hair Texture and VolumeAdds some Defintion
Doesn't Offer True 'Hold'
4.0Overall Score
Price: £7.95 from allbeauty
Key Ingredients: Hydrolysed Keratin, Cashmere Wool
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With a reputation for cutting-edge and dynamic products, are one of male hairdressing’s ‘go-to’ brands. We tested out their popular Thickening Tonic to see how hold it held up on medium-length hair styles.’s Tickening Tonic is a unique spray which is slightly thicker than rivals on the market. Promising ‘thickness and definition’, as well as ‘hold’, we found the Thickening Tonic a great alternative if you don’t like to get your hands messy with putties and fibres.

To use the Tonic, simply point and spray it on wet or dry hair. We found one or two sprays on each area works well, working your hair in the process so to gradually build layers. You may get a wet effect on initial use, but the product quickly dries after a few minutes.

The result is more defined than you might expect from a spray, with its two stand-out ingredients, Hydrolysed Keratin and Cashmere Wool, both working extremely effectively in offering a fabric-like texture and volume.

The finish is matt and while there might not be a strong hold as such, there is certainly some definition. Scent-wise, it’s subtle but masculine.

Overall,’s Thickening Tonic does exactly what it sets out to do and we’d be more than happy to recommend it to anyone who wants to add some texture and volume to naturally flat or limp hair. You may just want to want to stick to putties if you’re after some proper hold.