Fish Aquafish Fishpaste Review
Offers Great Texture and HoldEasily Washed Out
Takes Some Working Through PalmsWill Require Topping Up in the Rain
4.2Overall Score
Price: £5.99 from Fish
Key Ingredients: Lanolin Oil, Beeswax, Citronellol
Reader Rating 1 Vote

Fish have been a stalwart on the London barber scene since opening their first Soho shop in 1987. We tested out their best-selling Aquafish Fishpaste to see how it fared on short- to medium-length hair.

On initial use, we found Fish’s Fishpaste to be a little more difficult to work that some other putties on the market. With a texture consistency somewhere between putty and wax, Fishpaste does take some vigorous working through the fingers before application. We should also say you really don’t need to use much of it – a pea size amount will do the job perfectly – otherwise you may be left with clumps.

Aquafish Fishpaste Matt Putty is described as the ‘ultimate styler for a rich matt finish’, offering a ‘choppy messy’ effect. And when it comes to the effect of the product, we’d say Fish have achieved exactly that. The hold is medium and perfect for some reworking while still maintaining a matt look throughout the day. You also shouldn’t need a top up.

As advertised, the putty does offer dry hair some real texture too. The great thing about the hold and texture of Fishpaste is that it’s perfect for numerous hair styles from short to medium length haircuts – especially if you’re going for a dishevelled and straight-out-of-bed look.

We should say it smells fantastic too with scents of coconut and as an added bonus, unlike many hair products, it’s also incredibly easy to wash out. Though that does mean that if you get caught in the rain, you will almost certainly need to get in front of a mirror and get reapplying.