Bulldog Oil Control Moisturiser Review
Leaves Skin Feeling Fresh and NourishedFast Absorbing
No Real Long Lasting EffectsScent Not For Everyone
3.6Overall Score
Long Lasting Effect
Price: £6.00 from Bulldog
Key Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Willow Bark, Juniper
Reader Rating 30 Votes

Male skin care brand Bulldog have a reputation built on simple and effective products which target specific areas on men’s skin. So we tested out their Oil Control Moisturiser to see how it performed on oily skin. Here’s how we got on…

If you’re unfortunate enough to have naturally greasy skin, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be with clogged pores and blackheads a common side effect. But the type of moisturiser you use can really make a difference, and Bulldog’s Oil Control Moisturiser for men is built with you in mind.

The moisturiser contains selected man made ingredients in conjunction with some natural ingredients such as witch hazel, willow bark and juniper. The juniper, especially, is pronounced in the scent, which is great news for gin lovers.

On first use on the Oil Control Moisturiser, you’ll notice just how lightweight it is. It’s incredibly fast absorbing and leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth straight away, without any of the greasiness you can often find in moisturisers. The finish is mattified too, so you’ll instantly look healthier.

Our only major issue with Bulldog’s Oil Control Moisturiser is its long-lasting effect. While it does leave your skin feeling smoother and healthier, we didn’t notice any change in the oiliness of our skin throughout the day. So rather than tackling the issue, we found it masked it.

This isn’t to say the Bulldog Oil Control Moisturiser doesn’t have its merits. It’s great value for money and does a certain job for those with a slightly oily complexion. But we wouldn’t recommend it to those who suffer from excessively greasy skin.