Black Leopard Moisturiser Review
Hydrated Dry SkinZero Oiliness
Smells Paint-LikeDoesn't Absorb Quickly
3.7Overall Score
Long Lasting Effect
Reader Rating 4 Votes

Australian brand Black Leopard and their range of skincare products have been formulated for men by men. We tested out their Moisturiser to see how it compared with other high end moisturisers available on the market.

On initial use, you’ll notice that the Black Leopard Moisturiser is much thicker than basic moisturisers. Like many high-end products, less water is added to the product during the manufacturing process making it more viscous. That does mean it’s far less oily on the skin and a little will go a long way.

If you’re not used to using a moisturiser in Black Leopard’s bracket, you may think that it’s not penetrating the skin as it doesn’t absorb quickly and can take some working into the skin – especially if you have any sort of facial hair. But unlike cheap moisturisers which simply sit on the skin making it feel hydrated without actually penetrating, you’ll notice the effects of Black Leopard’s Moisturiser the more you use it. That said, we would prefer it to penetrate the skin quicker.

After a couple of weeks of use, our skin was noticeably softer and smoother and meant shaving especially was far less irritable. Black Leopard also claims that this has a knock on effect of anti-aging but it’s probably not the product for you if you’re looking for immediate effects.

The only major negative of the Black Leopard Moisturiser is it doesn’t have the most attractive of smells. Without sounding too scathing, we would describe it as ‘paint-like’. It is also pricey without being bad value for money.