Black Leopard Face Scrub Review
Unclogs PoresEffective Against Flaky Skin
4.0Overall Score
Effect on Pores
Price: £14.95 from Black Leopard
Key Ingredients: Black Rice, Aloe Vera, Macadamia Seed Oil
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Australian brand Black Leopard and their range of skincare products have been formulated for men by men. We reviewed their Moisturiser a few weeks back, it’s time to see how we got on with their accompanying Face Scrub.

Black Leopard’s Face Scrub is described as ‘an easy-to-use face scrub that smooths and cleans skin.’ As well as unclogging pores, Black Leopard say it keeps skin clean and helps reduce acne breakouts. So does it live up to its billing? We think it does.

As recommended, we used the product twice a week for a few weeks. Like most cleansers, it should be used by placing a small amount on the finger tips and applying to a damp face. Lightly massage scrub on your forehead, nose and chin, and rinse away with warm water.

Thanks to its combination of Glycolic Acid and Black Rice, the product gently exfoliates the skin cells, while Aloe Vera and Vitamin E noticeably soothed and moisturised the surface of our skin. It cleared blackheads effectively and was refreshing too. Unlike Black Leopard’s Moisturiser, the Face Scrub also comes with a pleasant scent, almost certainly enhanced by the Tangerine Peel Oil.

Overall, we found Black Leopard’s Face Scrub was very effective against pores and does deal with flaky skin effectively. But while it does perform well, the price may still put some off.