Bearded men had been turning heads long before the fashionistas of East London and Greenwich Village gave them the nod of approval. Simply put, nothing says ‘masculinity’ quite like well-kept facial bush. But there is a fine-line between coiffed masterpiece and ragged laziness. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ll know just how easy it is stray into the latter while aiming for the former. But there is a secret weapon at hand – and it’s called beard oil.


Beard Oil Properties

Just like your hair on top, your beard and moustache could do with styling. And that’s where beard oils come into their own. They can add some real definition if used properly and give your whiskers the sheen only a truly pampered beard exudes.

But there’s much more to the humble beard oil than just its styling qualities. If you want to keep your beard soft and itch-free, it’s going to need to be conditioned and hydrated. Luckily for you beard oils can help in that department too. They moisturises your facial hair as well as the skin beneath, which means it’s performing double duty to ensure you get flake-free and healthy looking facial hair.

It should also be pointed out that the vast majority of beard oils act as a natural cologne. Whether your weapon of choice uses woody essential oils like cedarwood and sandalwood, or sweeter scents like eucalyptus, beard oils are often overlooked for their natural scents.


How to Use Beard Oil

Even if you’re unfamiliar with it, beard oil is incredible simple to use. But before you get round to applying it, it’s important you ensure your bristles are as soft and healthy as possible. That means applying some good quality moisturiser to stop your bird’s nest from drying out. Not only will it keep things looking its best, it’ll also make it easier to work when it comes to the styling stage.

Apply beard oil right after washing your face. Simply pour a few drop into your hands and rub them together before gently working the oil into your skin and down towards your beard. For those of you with moustaches, now is the time to get creative. Application is simple here too – just put a small amount of oil or wax through your hairs, pinching and twisting wherever you think it needs it.

The length of your beard determines how much oil you should use. If you’re just starting out, you’ll only need a few drops in the early stages but as your beard grows, you may even need to use around 5-6 drops daily.