Whether we like the phrase or not, ‘manscaping’ is now a part of our vernacular. But what exactly is it? Though many simply think it’s about trimming your pubic region, it’s actually more general that that. In essence, manscaping is the removal or trimming of any hair on a man’s body for cosmetic purposes.

We should say from the start that there’s no solid evidence that taking every inch of hair off your body is in any way related to attracting more partners. But while not all of us are convinced by trimming our balls, it’s always good to make an effort and most of us probably manscape in some way or another without even thinking about it. With that in mind, here’s a few tips for grooming your brows, chest, pits, and down there.


Grooming Your Eyebrows

Unless you swear by Turkish barbers who’ll usually offer the service at the end of your haircut, chances are you’ve never even really thought about trimming your eyebrows. But it’s actually something that is easy to do and can make a real different to your appearance given most people only look at your face. There’s no point in staring at yourself in a mirror with a pair of tweezers, but if you’re sporting a monobrow and some giant caterpillars, give your 5 minutes every so often to tackle it. All you’ll need is a trimmer (standard beard trimmers usually do the job just fine) and a fine beard comb. Our main tip would be don’t go too gung-ho. You can always trim more off, you can’t add more on!


Grooming Your Chest

If you’re thinking of shaving your chest hair, chances are it’s got a bit out of control when it comes to length. If your hair is long to start with, make sure you trim with clippers or sterile scissors before clean shaving with a full blown body trimmer. Pubic hairs are coarse and it’s easy for them to curl back into the skin and cause an ingrowing hair – and nobody wants that. Now, when it comes to a body trimmer – invest in a good one! You want to make life as easy as possible and rubbish ones will only need replacing.


Grooming Your Back & Armpits

Now while we’re very much of the ‘each to your own’ school of thought when it comes to grooming, back hair is rarely, if ever, a good look. But unless you have arms longer than your body or a very understanding partner and no pride, shaving your back is never going to be easy. If worried about looking like Teen Wolf, we’d always recommend getting it done professionally. But there are shavers with long arms designed especially for the job. It is tricky to get DIY back shaving right, but like anything practice makes perfect. As for your armpits, believe us when we tell you, you’ll regret clean shaving them. But if you want to trim, then do so with sterile scissors or a generic trimmer.


Grooming Your Balls

If you’re going to groom your privates, it’s always a good idea to do it post-shower. It’ll make the whole process smoother and less abrasive, and you’ll be less likely to cause some nicks. You’ll also need to use a shave gel, ideally alcohol-free gels and containing aloe. It will make things a whole lot less irritating. Just remember to apply an aftershave lotion or moisturiser when you’re finished. But our main tip; be careful. Your balls have grooves and folds than any other grooming area making things a lot more dangerous. If you do cut yourself, clean it with soap and warm water and use a damp piece of toilet paper for 10-15 minutes so the blood can clot.