Nothing says ‘masculinity’ quite like well-coiffed tash. So whether you’re trying to grow some whiskers for Movember, or you just want to try something different, we’ve put together some top tips on how to grow your handlebar – but most importantly how to maintain and style it. So without further ado, here’s your ultimate guide to the moustache.


How to Grow a Moustache

We should say from the off, there’s no cheat code to growing a moustache. There’s no magic wand either – especially if you struggle to grow stubble. But don’t lose hope, there are some ways in which you can encourage growth.

Our main tip is to keep your budding moustache healthy by washing your face. Clean skin accelerates hair growth, so wash with warm water using a mild cleanser twice a day. We’d also suggest using any cleanser or moisturiser which contains eucalyptus. The oils in eucalyptus are thought to promote facial hair growth, so it should also help things along the way.

If you’re serious about this tash business, it’s also important to remember that some basic good-health techniques can encourage hair growth too. A healthy diet with plenty of protein, saturated fat, and Vitamins A, E, and C will work wonders on your skin, as will plenty of exercise.

The easiest way to grow and then shape your moustache is to grow out your beard first. Then you can use a beard trimmer to get your look. Whatever your technique, just be safe in the knowledge growing a decent, thick moustache can take time. A few weeks to well over a month depending on the type of you’re going for is completely normal. Don’t rush it.


How to Maintain Your Moustache

No matter what style of moustache you go for, treating it well is essential. By keeping it well trimmed, hydrated and loved, you’ll not only have it looking on point, you’ll also stop it from becoming itchy and unhygienic. Why go through the effort of growing a moustache if you’re not going to have it looking its very best, right?

Once you’ve grown your tash masterpiece, your first piece of grooming starts with a moustache trim. Obviously much of this barbering depends on the style you’re after, but there are some absolute basics all wearers of a caterpillar should be adhering to.

Before trimming, however, you first need to ensure your moustache is clean. And that means washing it with warm water and some shampoo. We’d always recommend using specialist beard shampoos as the better ones have all been formulated for the thicker facial hair. Standard hair shampoo might well clean your hairs, but it probably won’t clean your face. So if you go for normal shampoo, make sure you use a separate face wash as well. Next you need to use a fine-toothed comb to detangle your facial hair and keep things nice and even.

Now you’re ready to trim. Use a small pair of moustache scissors to trim, using your lip as a trimming guide. This isn’t the time to get creative – that’ll come with the styling. When trimming we’d always recommend working upwards towards your nose and tidying the side with some electric clippers – just make sure you’ve got a steady hand!


How to Style Your Moustache

Once you’ve had a trim and got your shape, it’s time to apply the finishing touches to your crumb catcher and style it into the design you’ve always dreamed of.

Before you get round to shaping, it’s important you ensure your bristles are as soft and healthy as possible. That means applying some good quality moisturiser to stop your new tash from drying out. Not only will it keep things looking its best, it’ll also make it easier to work when it comes to the styling stage.

Now is the time to get creative. Whatever your desired look, there are a plethora of decent beard/moustache oils, waxes and clays on the market which make styling your moustache easier than ever. Application is simple too – just put a small amount of oil or wax through your hairs, pinching and twisting wherever you think it needs it.