While Fish opened their shop in Soho, London in 1987 in what was formerly a 1940s fishmongers, they launched their first product, the Fish Hair Wax, in 1995 in Harrods. Paul Burfoot, the owner of the Fish salon, cooked up the very first Fish hairstyling product in his back garden almost burning down his shed in the process. Since then, Fish have played their role in the modern history of London hair styling. Not only did they put the ‘Soho Crop’ on the map but Fish also headed up the Britpop movement with the ‘Scarface’ cut, and also styled Paul Weller for his comeback solo album cover. With their unique coconut fragrance, Fish has also led the way for innovation in UK hair styling, so whether you want slick, smooth hair or prefer the messy ‘just got out of bed’ look, Fish has products to suit every hair type and style.

Location of Origin: London, UK
Year Established: 1987
Products Available: Aquafish Fishpaste