Being able to recycle grooming products has always been a contentious issue. While some can, many shampoos and aerosols cannot be recycled if they’re made out of the wrong stuff. The same goes for razor cartridges, which are currently not recyclable here in the UK when included with standard household waste. But one brand trying to make your environmentally-friendly life easier is new UK grooming start-up, grüum.

Rather than throwing them in the bin and ending up in landfill, grüum are instead asking customers to send back their grüum razor head cartridges after use so that they can be privately recycled. The brand hopes that the razor recycling scheme can transform the industry which currently sees thousands of tons of plastic waste created by regular disposable razors.

It’s part of the brand’s wider commitment to creating an ethical and environmentally responsible product. All customers need to do is simply fill their original grüum postage box with their sixteen used razor cartridges and return it to the company free of charge. It’s that simple.


grüum wants to take on a multi-million-pound industry with an array of recyclable skincare and shaving products that are kinder to the natural world. As such, each product has been created with a focus on protecting the natural environment, as well as focusing on quality and superior performance. That means their entire range uses packaging made exclusively from widely recyclable items such as plastic, cardboard, metal and glass.

The razor recycling scheme isn’t the only interesting thing about grüum either. The brain-child of four friends from Manchester, not only are all their products unisex, they’re also following in the footsteps of the likes of Harry’s by selling their environmentally conscious products through a subscription service, as well as being sold individually.

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