Beard Oils

We’d all love to let our facial hair to do its own thing, but unfortunately the perfect beard should ideally look shiny and maintained. That means if there’s one product beard-donning gents need to be using, it’s beard oils. Not only does beard oil give your bristles some much needed hydration – making them soft and less irritable – it also multitasks by working as a styling agent. They also keep things flake-free and can often leave you smelling your best, acting as a natural cologne.


With beard oils, a little can go a long way. Just a couple of drops after a hot shower can tame those flyaway hairs and beat the dreaded ‘beard-druff’, providing you with a flawless and smooth finish. Like all aspects of grooming, however, some beard oils do the job more effectively than others – especially if you have sensitive skin. So we’ve reviewed the best oils around, as well as compiled guides to using beard oils, to ensure taming your beard is that little bit easier.